Inspecting your delivery

At the time of your delivery, please take the time to inspect the crate/packaging.

  • Inspect all sides of the crate/box 
  • Examine the crate in front of you for the following:
    1. Obvious damage or defects on the crate (such as broken pieces or the crate appearing not intact).
    2. Rectangular-shaped holes suggesting a forklift may have penetrated a crate side.
    3. Shoddy-looking repairs to the crate.
    4. Any indications that the crate has sustained a tip-over or strong impact

Do not sign until you carefully inspect the item(s). If the item arrives damaged:

  • Notate the specific damage on the Delivery Receipt.
  • Refuse the shipment.
  • Sign where appropriate and keep a copy for yourself.

Failure to notate the specific damage on the receipt means you acknowledge receiving the item(s) in good condition and exact quantities, waiving your rights to a claim. Please be aware that Oasis Bathtubs not responsible for any minor damages not noted on the delivery receipt.

If it's not feasible to thoroughly inspect an item that mandates a signature upon delivery, here's what you should do:

  • Sign the receipt and add the notation: "One crate received - contents not inspected." While this doesn't guarantee that the shipper will accept a damage claim, it's a safer approach compared to signing for the item as "free and clear" of damage.

Please ensure you inspect the item within 48 hours if you couldn't do so during delivery.

It's important to note that any damage occurring during shipping is the responsibility of the shipping company or carrier, which may include entities like UPS, the US Post Office, ABF Trucking, R&L Carriers, and FedEx.

Customers might need to address damage claims directly with the delivering carrier for any issues arising after signing for a shipment as "free and clear" or beyond 48 hours following the delivery time.